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Who should take probiotics?

Who should take probiotics?

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Honestly, most people should be including probiotics into their daily routine. Unfortunately, due to lifestyle and environmental factors, the vast majority of the population is severely lacking when it comes to good probiotic bacteria, throwing their gut flora ratio completely out of whack.

First, anyone who has ever taken antibiotics, which includes almost everyone, should be taking probiotics. Antibiotics are used to treat infections caused by bacteria. They work in one of two ways: killing bacteria or preventing bacteria from multiplying. While antibiotics do help to rid your body of the “bad” bacteria, they also kill off much of the “good” bacteria that are so vital to your health.

Additionally, anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering from gas, bloating, and constipation should also take probiotics. Constipation means that you are having bowel movements less than 1-2 times each day. This is a sign that your intestinal bacterial balance is beginning to spin out of control – there is much more “bad” bacteria (and much less “good” bacteria) than there should be. Probiotics will help restore the balance.

One other group of people who should be taking probiotics is anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering from any form of skin rash. Many studies have linked inadequate probiotic levels to skin problems like dandruff, eczema, and acne.

Beyond that, research has also shown probiotic supplementation to have a positive effect on weight loss by restoring gut flora balance. In fact, a recent double blind study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that test subjects who received probiotics daily were able to reduce their abdominal fat by nearly 5 percent over a 12 week period, while the “no probiotic” group experienced no positive changes.

Bottom line, with research suggesting that probiotic supplementation is even more important to your health than taking a daily multi-vitamin, and the fact that inadequate probiotic levels have been linked through research to more than 170 different diseases and health issues, including obesity and weight gain, I truly believe that everyone should be taking a quality probiotic daily.

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